Which is the Best Monitor Refresh Rate for Gaming?

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Monitor refresh rate is the number of times a monitor screen image is renewed per second. It is measured in hertz(Hz).

For year gamers have been obsessed with monitors with fast response rate. The faster the response rate, the better the gaming experience. Is it true? Read on to know.

Advantages of Higher Monitor Refresh Rates

  1. Eliminates screen tearing: Higher the refresh rate, lesser the screen tearing. Screen tearing happens when the GPU renders more images in a second than the monitor refresh rate and two images overlap of the screen.

Imagine a monitor with 60Hz refresh rate, the screen will be renewed 60 times in a second. Same goes with 240Hz refresh rate monitor, the screen will be renewed 240 times in a second, which gives no chance for the GPU to render more images than the monitor refresh rate and thereby eliminating the chances of screen tearing.

  1. Eye-tracking motion blur can be reduced with higher refresh rates. Eye-tracking motion blurs are caused when brain perceives an image to blurry because the image tracked by your eye was static for a moment.
  2. The visual fluidity gets better with higher monitor rates. If you move the mouse pointer in a 60Hz response rates computer, you will see the trails of jumps between the pointers. These trails of jumps will not be visible in 120Hz response rate monitor.

Best Monitor Refresh rate for Gaming

We have several types of monitors available with different refresh rates in the market. So, the question is which refresh rate is best for gaming. The simple answer is 144Hz. This is considered as the optimum response rate for gaming by the gaming community and we have a list of best 144hz monitors available in the market right now. However, let’s look at the larger picture here.

Generally, a gamer can even play a game with a refresh rate of 60Hz and 5ms response rate. However, once you use a monitor with response rate above 100Hz, you will never be able to go back to 60Hz.

A response rate above 100Hz will enhance the complete gaming experience. You will be able to feel the above mentioned advantages once you start using monitors with refresh rates above 100Hz.

Now, you might be thinking, why is 240Hz response rate not considered an optimum speed even when it is the highest response rate available in today’s market. 240Hz specification has just entered the market and as per the reviews, this monitor response rate does not give any big advantage to normal gamers. Even though the difference between a 120 Hz monitor and 240 Hz is not life changing, the pricing of a 240 Hz refresh rate monitor is very high compared to a 120Hz response rate monitor.


Every gamer has different requirements. So, understand what is the feature you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for improved image quality, looking at the response rate is pointless. Further, if you want a fair image quality as well as motion quality, there are many good gaming monitors available in market which are very budget friendly! You can read about them here:

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